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In most office settings, the medical office staff is often the starting point for patients accessing care. As such, the office staff plays an important role in patients' perception of the practice. More than ever, it's important for staff members to be aware of proper practice management approaches to potential liability issues.

MEDICAL MUTUAL offers a collection of resources for office staff members, designed to keep the practice running smoothly while reducing the chances of the Physician and his or her staff from being involved in a malpractice claim or lawsuit.

Practice Management 101

An interactive education program that utilizes case studies, quizzes and other multimedia to review the basics of running a practice that is safe and comfortable for patients.

Top Ten Management Issues for Medical Office Practices

Ten common issues that every medical office practice staff needs to be aware of.

Infection Control for Health Care Providers

Guidelines for office staff on controlling the spread of infection in the office setting.

Blood Borne Illness

Information from the CDC on preventing the transmission of blood borne illness.


Information from the CDC on reducing the spread of influenza in the health care setting.

Ten Principles of Documentation for Medical Records

Ten simple concepts that office staff members can follow for more effective documentation in medical records.

Case Study: Trust, but Verify

This is an example of how a mistake in charting lab results can lead to further communication errors.

Sample Confidentiality Agreement

This sample version of a Confidentiality Agreement can be implemented into the practice.

Health Information Privacy

Information from the HHS on HIPAA rules and regulations.

Why Can't We Be "Friends"?

This previous issue of Doctors RX newsletter will take a look at the ramifications of social networking and provide suggestions for reducing the legal risks of utilizing this new form of communication.

Handling Patient Complaints

Do you know what to do when a patient has a complaint? This guide will give some of the most common complaints heard in the office setting and how they can be addressed.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Maryland MGMA

Maryland Medical Group Management Association


Maryland Occupational Safety and Health


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