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MEDICAL MUTUAL has gathered a large variety of links offering a variety of resources that are both educational and informational. Because today's health care industry is fast-paced and constantly on the move, we supply you with a large spectrum of resources that are relevant to you.

If you have any suggestions or links that you would like to send us so that our database continues to improve, please email the Webmaster by clicking here.

Maryland Organizations
These links are for legislative, health care, and insurance organizations in Maryland.

Educational Organizations
These links are for state and national educational facilities that are dedicated to the teaching and learning of specialized fields of medicine.

Medical/Health Care Resources
These links are designed to serve as a frame of reference for health care professionals in need of information concerning liability insurance, as well as a reference for doctors in the art of medicine.

National Medical Societies
These links are for national societies and organizations for specific branches of medicine.

Pharmaceutical Companies
These links offer a wide spectrum of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Each company offers a look at their new products, as well as a look at their history, and and description of what kind of diseases/disorders they specialize in treating.