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Effective 1/1/17, MedGuard and e-dataRESPONSE are included with all MEDICAL MUTUAL medical professional liability policies with no increase in your medical professional liability premium.

e-dataRESPONSE privacy breach coverage is included in MedGuard legal defense coverage. e-dataRESPONSE provides substantial coverage for a variety of regulatory and legal obligations related to the breach of electronic or paper records. A breach can happen accidentally or on purpose — through stolen or lost laptops or portable storage devices/drivers, a hacked web site or computer, discarded but still readable records, employee error or malicious intent.

No matter how the breach occurs, you are legally responsible for the consequences. These can include regulatory fines, notifying all potential victims, immediate remediation costs, responding to any claims or lawsuits resultant from the breach, and much more

e-dataRESPONSE is here to help you navigate the complicated legal response to a data breach and cover payment, on behalf of the Insured, for out-of-pocket expenses including:

Legal services to respond to or defend an insured event
Computer security consultant services to determine the cause and extent of a data breach for which the Insured has legal responsibility to provide notification or mitigation
Legal defense against a civil action brought by someone alleging damages due to a privac breach
Fines or penalties by a government agency due to the privacy breach
Fees and other expenses the Insured becomes legally obligated to pay to implement credit monitoring or other mitigation for persons affected by the breach of private information

For Even Stronger Protection
A privacy breach can expose one file or millions, and the expenses involved in a breach can be huge. For more comprehensive breach response including cyber liability protection, MEDICAL MUTUAL offers e-dataRESPONSE+ through our subsidiary Professionals Advocate. For more information on e-dataRESPONSE+, click here.

Privacy Breach Safety Guidelines
For additional information on typical ways that a Doctor's office can experience a breach, as well as strategies you can use to help prevent a potential breach of protected health information, please click here.